23 Apr 2010

Mini Haul of Nail Varnish Addict


Hi guys, 

It's been such a busy week and its still not finished. I still have so much coursework to finish off this weekend :( The weather is so nice I could do sooo many nice things :D Such as shopping hehe Its my biggest hobby. Unfortunately, no time at the moment. HOWEVER, I took the time today at my lunch break and went into Boots. I bought three GORGEOUS nail varnishes from Barry M. Aren't they sooo cute :) Look at the colours. I also received a small parcel today with Essies mink muffs :D and when I popped into Sainsburys after Uni I bought Sally Hansen Insta Dry :D WOWW soo many nail varnishes. I think I am kind of addicted. 

Ok, lets talk about Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. The reason why I bought this is because people were comparing it to Seche Vite on Makeupalley. As many others, I bought Seche Vite and loved it instantly but after three weeks it got really thick. So I bought the thinner but then it became really weird so I chucked it away. Went back to Boots and bought another one thinking I had a dodgy one but unfortunately the same happened again. I'm really angry as it is not very cheap. How can anyone use up a topcoat within three weeks? Anyway after some research on the internet I found out that I was not the only one experiencing this problem. So after reading on Makeupalley that Sally Hansen Insta Dry has the same glossy finish but does not get thick after three weeks I decided I would try it. I will update you once I have tried it.

Has anyone tried the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry or is there anything else you can recommend that is similar to Seche Vite but less annoying :D




Sheefa F said...

oh and can we have swatches of the nail paints please hun :D

Sheefa F said...

Wow! you've got the barry m lilac nail paint too. I so want it now, everyone's got it hehe.

Unknown said...

I will do swatches tomorrow :D The lilac is soooo cute :) LOVE IT. Can't wait to try it.

Cindy Van Dyck said...

I bought it in a little vintage shop.


Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Ooo love the lilac and orangey coral shades from Barry M.

Will be interesting to hear a review on the Instra Dry. Really need a fast drying Top Coat.

Fee @ makeupsavvy.co.uk


Anonymous said...

i'm a nail varnish addict too, can't leave the house without painting them!! love the lilac! so spring x

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